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Psychotherapist, Clinical Social Worker, Supervision, and Consultation

Amy Smart is the best therapist I have worked with. She helped me find myself in my life when I was lost. My children were removed from me because of my addiction and anger. I don't think I would have gotten my children back if Amy wasn't so supportive or believed in me like she did. Amy helped me understand what my feelings were all about.
Amy's tremendous passion to heal the lives of those who were told that they would never get better, inspired me to become a Social Worker.
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Amy is great to work with. She's a great listener. She was supportive and honest when I needed her to be. I could tell her anything that happened to me.
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Amy helped me find a special person I didn't realize lived inside me. She taught me how to peel away the layers of grief, depression, and drinking and drugging, giving me the ability to reach the core of my hurt and anguish. I found myself looking forward to going to therapy and her groups, feeling the weight lifting off my shoulders with every day.
I have been working with Amy [using] EMDR therapy to address my traumas, and it has been life-changing! Sometimes after only one EMDR session, I am able to process and let go of trauma-based negative emotions and beliefs that have haunted me for years. I usually leave Amy's sessions feeling as if a burden has been lifted from me. Amy's EMDR therapy has also decreased my anxiety, and increased my empathy for myself. Her insightful suggestions have been practical and transformative...
Mel D
Ms Smart has the extraordinary gift of focusing on the individual rather than the diagnosis. In this process she has been able to help the individual find their growing edge that allows them to learn and change.
Lynn, Psychologist
Amy’s strengths include the ability to advocate for her clients, honesty, having a positive attitude and focus. And most importantly, she is able to meet the clients where they are at. In that role, Amy has effortlessly combined theoretical constructs with practical experience.
Stephanie, Case Manager, LCSW
I want you to know how apparent it has become of how positive and strong an impact you had on so many of your clients. You are clearly a tremendous therapist and helped facilitate so many powerful changes in others.
Kathryn, Therapist
Amy’s ability to combine various therapeutic interventions, her passion to help heal, and her ability to remain positive in the face of tragedy are some of the many reasons why I chose to become a social worker.